Make your own sign

We had a scrap piece of metal sitting around and wanted to upcycle it and make it into something new! Below is the process and a few images. Your Christmas Warehouse lights are all interconnectable with each other making it easy to set up and adjust to provide you with the perfect mood lighting for all type’s events and functions. But they can also be used all year round and will give you relaxed lighting experience any day of the week.

See below some images of what can be achieved.




What was required

1 x Blue String Lights + 1 x White String Lights from Your Christmas warehouse / 10m light extension from Your Christmas Warehouse / Power plug from Your Christmas Warehouse / Scrap Piece of Metal / 2 x Hooks / 2 x Metal Chain / Small Silicon Tube / Blue Tack / Permanent Marker / Metal File / Drill & Drill Bits

Step 1. Clean up the scrap metal as much as you can so it’s ready for you to start marking you design

Step 2. We mapped out the design with little pieces of blue tack, the process is tedious and takes time but is well worth the effort.

Step 3. Once you are happy with your design use a permanent marker and put a dot where you have every bit of blue tack.

Step 4. Now you are ready to start drilling. We used a 5.5mm drill bit and found they fit Your Christmas Warehouse Lights, saying this in some cases we also use a 5mm & 6mm drill bit (testing on something is well worth the effort before you start drilling as if the hole is too big it will be harder to get the light to hold). Drill a hole at every dot that you have marked on your design until they have all been completed (make sure you have a think about how you are going to hang up you project as you may require a couple of additional holes to be added).

Step 5. To smooth each hole, we used a small file to clean the hole and remove some of the sharp edges that were left behind from drilling.

Step 6. Now you need to start to add your lights (make sure you test your light before doing this as you don’t want to finish & then realise that 1 or more lights are not working). We started off with the Blue lights for the “BAR”, gently pushing each of the lights into each of the holes then once they were all in, we added a little bit of silicon to make sure they stay in place.

Step 7. Now we added the white set of lights taking the same process of adding each light then adding a little silicon. Once finished we let the silicon dry for 24hours (check the side of the silicon for how long you should leave it to dry).

Step 8. From there we added 2 hooks to the top of the sign and then used a chain and hung it from the roof of the Bar.

Step 9. Your Christmas Warehouse lights are interconnectable, so we connected the blue and white string lights together and then used a 10-meter light extensions cable to run this back to the power point.

Step 10. Turn on the power point stand back and enjoy the creation.

Your Christmas Warehouse